domestic investigation

You may be currently going through a divorce, have concerns regarding the distribution of finances or property, or you may have suspicions about your current/soon-to-be spouse. Whatever the case may be, a private investigator can gather all the information you may be looking for.

Reasons For Concern

  • Hiding Cell Phone or Cell Phone Bill
  • No longer interested in sex
  • Unaccountable hours during weekend or during work
  • Sudden increase in “Overtime” but no increase in pay
  • Presence on Dating Sites like Tinder, Grindr, Plenty of Fish, or OkCupid
  • Increased hostility towards partner and others
  • Your partner tells you that he needs his/her space
  • A sudden increased interest in your schedule (when you’ll be home, etc)
cheating spouse private investigator
  • Smelling like another man’s cologne or another woman’s perfume
  • Unusual purchases on their credit card
  • Finding hidden condoms
  • Sudden drastic change in work schedule
  • Taking business trips alone
  • Not reachable on weekends
  • Exhibiting signs of extreme privacy with phone/computer

Many people today entrust private investigators to gather different types of information and for different reasons. Different factors are needed for investigators to get the job done such as expertise, experience, knowledge, depth, problem solving capabilities, sophisticated technology, time, and instincts. Private investigators are trained and have practiced to simplify the process.

Whatever the assignment is, First Call P.I. is ready to go 24 hours a day – even on the holidays.

Hiring a private investigator to gather proof of infidelity can help you in a case against your partner having an affair.

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