What We Offer

We Provide Complete Private Investigation Services

Whether you’d like to check if your spouse is cheating or committed a crime, we can help.
We also provide insurance companies with investigations for disability, auto and liability fraud.


We offer complete private investigation services to individuals and business organizations

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Whether you’d like to see if your spouse is cheating, involved in illegal activity or you need child custody information, we can help

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insurance fraud

We work with insurance companies to confirm payouts are made for legitimate causes.  Insurance fraud hurts everyone.

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cyber security

From sweeping for bugs to checking computer files, we offer complete cyber security services.

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corporate investigation

In today’s litigious society, business organization are more vulnerable than ever to employment issues. Count on us!

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location missing person

Need to locate a family member or a fugitive.? Our locator services will find the person locally, nationwide or even globally.

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About Our Private Investigation Firm

First Call PI is a full-service private investigation agency providing professional services in Florida & New York. We offer all prospective clients a FREE consultation to discuss if our services may be beneficial to you.

  • Private investigation & surveillance
  • Background checks & Computer Forensics
  • Missing persons and custody cases
  • Mortgage and insurance fraud

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We are Available Nationwide & Worldwide

With our partner networks throughout the country and the world, we are able to handle cases that require national or global reach.

We utilize the latest investigative techniques and technology to reach our clients goals.
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Anytime, Anywhere

Top-Tier Investigative Services

How We Work

Hiring a Private Investigation Firm

For many individuals and organizations, hiring a private investigation firm is an intimidating task. We aim to make the process comfortable, discrete and reasonable.


Free Consultation

We start with a free phone or in-person consultation to understand your investigative needs



We research the initial case information to make sure our services fit the needs of our clients.


Proposal & Cost

We discuss the estimated costs of the case with transparency and honesty, then we create a mutually acceptable proposal.


Go To Work!

With case information in hand, we go to work for our clients to secure the desired results.


Client Testimonials

The hallmark of a great private investigation firm is not what it says about itself, it’s what clients say about the company.  Below are some of our previous client comments.

Alison Brave
Financial Analyst
First call was my first call when I was having problems with my ex.  The info they provided was much appreciated by my attorney 😉
Jason Smith
Conulting Director
I was having some issues with identity theft.  Moe and the First Call team were able to find the perpetrator and pass the information to police.  Saved my credit!
Jakob Nielsen
Networking Lead
My company ran into problems with cyber security.  The first call team did a complete forensic investigation and found the info we needed.  Thank you FC!

Get a Free Consultation

Need more information about our services.  We offer a free consultation so we can understand your needs and will let you know if we can help.